Green Cross lauches new emergency preparedness website for Australia’s capital

Green Cross Australia has teamed up with authorities in Australia’s capital to launch a fantastic new website that will help thousands of people be better prepared for emergencies like floods and bush fires.

The ACT FIRST website  asks “Would You Survive a Severe Weather Event” and draws on myriad weather and environmental statistics to provide the tools to make that preparation easier.

ACT First, launched in collaroration with the Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency, is an exciting project which will encourage residents of the ACT and surrounding suburbs to prepare for severe weather events.

This digital project is incredibly important as population density is increasing and the severity and frequency of storms, floods, cyclones and bushfires is continuing to grow. As the Building our Nation’s Resilience to Natural Disasters report forecasts, the cost of natural disasters in Australia will rise from $6.3 billion a year to around $23 billion a year in 2050.

This resilience project will create empowered communities who are aware of their risks and are better prepared to respond to – and survive – severe weather events or natural disasters.

This fun, interactive site will present users with the natural disaster history for their region. It will also share advice on how to be prepared for future severe weather events in their area.

Find out more on the Green Cross Australia website.

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