Green Cross launches Sustainability Spotlight social media outreach intiative

Green Cross International (GCI) introduces “Sustainability Spotlight”, a social media outreach initiative encouraging the global sharing of conservation ideas and solutions for the planet and mankind.

Each week, GCI will select a project that best displays everyday conservation and preservation efforts from people all over the world.

Projects may come from anyone and can be submitted either by Green Cross’ Facebook message board or by email.  People or groups who choose to participate in “Sustainability Spotlight” are encouraged to submit a short bio of their project along with pictures and a link, if they wish, to a blog or website where other aspects of their project may be located.  The highlighted projects will also be given a post in the GCI’s blog.

As news stories regarding the state of the earth and related challenges facing humanity tend to be disconcerting, GCI created “Sustainability Spotlight” in hopes to offer a positive, solution oriented global discussion to the problems faced by humankind and the environment.

Sustainability Spotlight was created by GCI to encourage an exchange of ideas and solutions while empowering people to conserve the planet for generations to come.

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