Green Cross and LienAid supporting sustainable water supplies in China

The residents of Heinigou Village, in Yunnan, China, have access to a sustained supply of piped water in their homes thanks to a joint project by Green Cross and Giorgio Armani’s Acqua for Life initiative, and partner organisation LienAid.

Clean drinking water and more hygienic conditions will ensure long-term benefits to health, and also mitigate the effects of dry periods that the area occasionally experiences.

A water management team has been set up to maintain the facilities within the village and collect the tariff for its support (each resident is allowed up to 2,000 litres of water per month at 1 RMB/1,000 litres, above which the price rises to 10 RMB/1,000 litres). The tariff funds are earmarked strictly for water system maintenance.

Green Cross and LienAid also saw to the construction of water storage tanks, a piping system, toilet facilities, solar-heater-equipped showers and hand-washing sinks at Ganchong Primary School. In addition to improved hygienic conditions for the 204 students and 14 teachers boarded at the school, the system provides an additional water source for the surrounding community.

Both these systems, now in place and operating fully, will provide long term benefits to local health, environment and economy.