Green Cross mourns passing of Danielle Mitterand

Green Cross has learned with great sadness of the death of Mrs Danielle Mitterrand, the wife of former French President. We will advance the impact, vision, sincerity and deep humanity of her commitment. All our thoughts are right now with her family, and all those who she influenced and motivated.

Today we have lost a passionate activist and a tireless advocate of human rights.

The paths of Mikhail Gorbachev, Founding President of Green Cross International, and Danielle Mitterrand have crossed many times and in different contexts. The former President of the USSR and the wife of François Mitterrand met on numerous occasions since the 1980s to strengthen their commitment to achieving a just and peaceful world justice, peace in harmony with the environment.

The common missions of Green Cross and Fondation France Libertés in relation to universal access to water and sanitation led the two organizations to join forces early on. This was particularly true in 2006 when, with the French Water Coalition, they advocated to ensure the Right to Water was finally recognized in French law.

Mrs Mitterrand remained committed to her last breath through her fondation, which she had just chaired at its 25th anniversary. Her work lives and breathes in all the foundation’s campaigns and projects. She devoted her energies to making a better and healthier planet, which was in line with our own convictions and commitments at Green Cross.

More than ever, we must continue to spread with diligence, enthusiasm and serenity the collective commitment that drove Mrs Mitterand to protect and respect our natural resources, primarily water.

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