Green Cross mourns the passing of Xavier Guijarro

It is with deep regret that Green Cross International annouces the loss of Xavier Guijarro, a dear friend and valued colleague, who suddenly passed away last Thursday, 19 June.

As long-standing Board Member of Green Cross Spain and Director of the Green Cross International Value Change Programme since 2008, Xavier has worked tirelessly to advance the environmental education activities that are at the heart of the Green Cross mission.

Xavier read Philosophy and Economics at the University of Barcelona in Spain, and followed PhD studies in Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco, California. In addition, he also had several classical and modern language degrees and was fluent in Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Portuguese, Italian and German.

He has led important cultural projects contributing to bringing about a better social order in New Zealand, Polynesia, Central and South America, and was involved in NGO work in the Philippines, India and Guatemala, most of the time for the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction. In addition, he also served the United Nations as an official interpreter in Nairobi, Cairo and Bangkok, among other locations, and then started his own cultural enterprise in Barcelona as an event organizer, which led to a close collaboration with Green Cross as from 2004.

Xavier has been active both in Green Cross Spain and Green Cross International ever since, where he has been coordinating the Environmental Education and the Earth Dialogues activities, which are key components of Green Cross International’s Value Change programme.

The entire Green Cross family will miss Xavier. All thoughts and prayers are with his family and beloved ones.
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