Green Cross offers more than medical help for Chernobyl families

Ever since Larissa Yakubets joined the Green Cross Family Club, she and her four children have been receiving effective support for their difficult everyday lives. Her family is living without a father in poverty in the village of Pakul, Ukraine, in the radioactive contaminated zone just 70 kilometres away from Chernobyl. The radiation exposure there can be as high as 40 Ci/km2.

Up to 10 million people live in the zones in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Illnesses such as thyroid afflictions, asthma, cancer and heart problems are widespread amongst the population. Children and youth react the most sensitively to the radiation because their immune systems are not yet fully developed.
The goal of the Family Clubs of Green Cross, part of the SOCMED programme, is to improve the health of mothers and their children and to impart to them the knowledge of how they can protect themselves from radiation and improve their living situation.

Read the full story of Larissa and her family by clicking here.

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