Green Cross Pakistan implements innovative bio sanitation system

Green Cross Pakistan, with its innovative partners at the University of Punjab and Agricultural University Faisalabad, have developed an environmentally friendly sewerage system churning out bio fertilizer. In addition to possessing the basic structure of a sanitation system, ultraviolet radiation techniques and some mutant bacterial strains are used to disorder and rapidly decompose biological material into fertilizer. The technology is 100 % hygienic with bio recycling capabilities.

One small prototype demonstrating system is currently being built in Lahore with the help of local sponsors. Once the prototype is completed successfully, further sewerage systems will be installed throughout the country.
Sanitation problems associated with public toilet sewerage systems are becoming a growing health problem in big municipalities of Pakistan. Unhygienic toilet sewerage systems also pollute drinking water in many areas. Due to these conventional unhygienic public administered toilet systems, diseases like Malaria, diarrhoea and hepatitis are becoming a health threat in some areas.

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