Green Cross Poland officially launched

Green Cross Poland was officially launched with the hosting of the Business and Ecology: Attitudes towards Environmental Protection Conference on 27 September 2010.

The conference began with the presentation of the results of a survey conducted by Green Cross Poland in summer 2010 examining the attitudes of 500 Polish enterprises towards ecology, followed by a panel discussion between representatives from the business, NGO, government and science communities.
The Chairman of the Green Cross Poland Board, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former President of Poland Mr Lech Wałęsa attended as well as representatives of the Polish Ministry of Environment and GCI’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Koniuszewski, and Green Cross Russia President Sergei Baranovsky.
Green Cross Poland was first established in February 2010 but officially received Preparatory Committee status at the recent GCI Board meeting, held 17-18 September in Zurich, Switzerland. The status of Preparatory Committee serves as a probationary period during which a new Green Cross office has the opportunity to get established, start activities and implement projects before being granted full National Organisation status.
The mission of Green Cross Poland is to support ecologically and economically justified actions serving to protect the environment in Poland and worldwide. Green Cross Poland would like to build a platform for a constructive, beneficial and amicable dialogue between entrepreneurs, government representatives, environmental organisations and scientists on the environment. Thus, Green Cross Poland’s goals are to develop a discussion on the economy, politics and society in order to determine ecologically friendly attitudes among entrepreneurs and to actively participate in the process of environmental law at both the local and global levels.

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