Green Cross Russia Forum explores nuclear energy safety

The 5th International Forum Dialogue “Nuclear Energy, Society and Safety” was held 20-21 April in St. Petersburg, Russia. The forum seeks to hold a transparent discussion of nuclear and radiological safety problems existing in the Russian Federation and to hold a dialogue between nuclear experts and civil society representatives on possible ways of secure existence and development of nuclear power.

“Our goal is to build mutual understanding in society for the safety of nuclear energy,” said Sergei Baranovsky, President of Green Cross Russia and deputy chairman of the Public Council of Rosatom, in his opening statement.
During the plenary and roundtable sessions, presentations were made on the implementation of the 2008-2015 Nuclear and Radiation Safety federal target programme, international and domestic experience in the management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, the impact of nuclear power plants on the environment and human health and the construction of floating nuclear power plants.
“We welcome the dialogue with civil society organizations, which reflects positively on the security of our facilities,” said Eugeny Evstratov, deputy director of the Rosatom Corporation.
Authors and panelists at the Forum included managers and specialists from the Rosatom Corporation, the nuclear industry, representatives of environmental NGOs, regional and municipal authorities, members of scientific and engineering institutions, delegates to the IAEA and representatives of foreign companies and regulatory institutions. In total, 150 people participated in the Forum, coming from 15 regions of Russia and 8 foreign countries.
Held annually in St. Petersburg, Green Cross Russia and the Rosatom Public Council Corporation organized the Forum. The next Forum-Dialogue is scheduled for 20-22 April 2011. All interested parties and experts are welcomed.

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