Green Cross Russia Holds First Russian Youth Environmental Forum

Green Cross Russia held the first Russian Youth Forum: Ecology of Russia and the Youth Environmental Policy in Action in Moscow from 9-11 December.

The Forum sought to increase the involvement and direct participation of youth in scientific and practical environmental activities. More than 300 scholars, students, young government officials, institutions and public organisations from over Russia, as well as representatives from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland and Ukraine attended the forum, which was broken up into educational, competitive, game and practical components.
“Green Cross seeks to highlight and unite the activities of youth for the safe development of the future,” said Green Cross Russia President Sergey Baranovsky. “This is one of the key objectives of Green Cross International, to change people’s behaviors in order to preserve civilization.” 
As part of the education component seminars, trainings and master-classes were held on a variety of topcs including how to search for environmental information on the internet, time management, the 7 habits of highly effective leaders, the development of social networks, social entrepreneurship, and environmental news design for information agencies.
Some of the compeitions held as part of the Forum and which served as the basis for participant section included:
Environmentalist of the Year to recognize achievements in environmental protection activities
Silver Swift for young journalists working on environmental issues
Youth Environmental Parliament
My proposal to the President, where proposals for identifying and handling the most pressing and urgent environmental problems were discussed and voted on at the Forum, with the top proposals being sent to the President Medvedev.
In the game component students went to the Public Chamber of Russia and attempted to get answers to their questions.  participants attempted to get answers to their questions in the Public Chamber of Russia.
As part of the practical component students particpated in the Inspectors School and travelled to the Zvenigorod biological station of Moscow State University.

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