Green Cross Spain compares environmental impact of Olympic bid cities

In the context of its ‘Sports and Sustainability’ programme, Green Cross Spain has issued a new report that compares some of the green features contained in the submissions made by the 4 cities bidding for the next 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The report looked at the official dossiers submitted by each city to the International Olympic Committee in February 2009, specifically focusing on the chapter on ‘Environment and Meteorology.’ The four candidate cities to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo with the International Olympic Committee announcing their decision 2 October.
GC Spain focused specifically on 3 components of the Environment and Meteorology chapter: air and water quality; environmental proposals and communication; and awareness and participation projects.
The report found that the candidate cities have included measures for the mitigation of climate change impacts through the encouragement of energy efficiency and/or the promotion of renewable energies. In addition, the candidate dossiers called for the increase in environmental quality by improving water and waste management.
Likewise, the dossiers propose measures for increasing green areas and undertaking restoration and reforestation projects for improving the existing areas. In addition, they plan different actions related to public awareness, communication and participation.
The organisation of the Olympic and Paralympics Games is a considerable social, economic and environmental challenge for the selected city due to the investments needed in both new and existing infrastructure. However, the attempt to reduce the environmental impact of the Games on the selected city was first seen in Sydney in 2000, when the environmental aspect was taken into consideration before, during and after the games. The games also pose a challenge for improving the host city, based on requirements set by the IOC specifying that the environmental impact of the Games must be taken into account both during and after the Games.
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