Green Cross Spain participates in 4th Congress on Sport Management

GC Spain highlighted its activities in the field of Sports and Sustainability at the 4th Congress on Sport Management held 23 – 24 October in Valencia, Spain.

The Association of Professional Sporting Managers of the Valencia Community organized the Congress. GC Spain was represented by Programme Coordinator Ms. Irene Pérez, who talked about “Sustainable management as an opportunity to improve and as a quality sign in sporting events and facilities.” She also focused on the milestones achieved by the Spanish government in linking sports and sustainable development, namely the National Strategy on Sports and Sustainability and the Green Charter on Spanish Sports. Furthermore, Ms. Pérez also explained environmental measures for improving sustainability standards in sporting events and facilities.
The Congress brought together professionals and sporting management students to talk about new sports proposals that pose a risk for both private institutions as well as public administrations, including machines, the link between sports and society and the importance of promoting sporting values among children. The aim of the Congress is to promote continuous and permanent training for sports managers.

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