Green Cross Sri Lanka awards Green Lane Diary 2011 winners

Green Cross has awarded the efforts of 450 Sri Lankan children to protect their environment and promote sustainable actions to conserve water and energy.
The awards were presented during a ceremony attended by more than 1000 people in the capital, Colombo, as part of Green Cross Sri Lanka’s 2011 Green Lane Diary Project.
Green Lane Diary is a curriculum-aligned free resource that enables teachers and students to learn about the stresses on our precious environment while finding solutions for a green future. Green Cross is currently operating the Green Lane Diary programme in numerous countries, including Japan, Australia, the Republic of Korea and Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka’s Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena attended the ceremony, along with students, school teachers and principals and environmentalists.
Invitees were received by traditional dancers and drummers as they were ushered into the venue for the ceremony, which was held on 14 November 2011. Invitees later lit traditional oil lamps in line with local customs.
Jagath Seneviratne, President of Green Cross Sri Lanka, welcomed the students and other guests and presented the awards, which ranged from airplane tickets to other gifts. Since 2005, Green Cross Sri Lanka has awarded Green Lane Diary winners with flights to Japan.
Past award winners were also recognized at the latest ceremony for continuing to engage in environmental activities.
As part of the ceremony, winners of a short drama competition and a poster competition were announced, along with a speech contest.
Green Cross International, founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, is an independent non-profit and nongovernmental organization working to address the inter-connected global challenges of security, poverty eradication and environmental degradation through a combination of high-level advocacy and local projects. GCI is headquartered in Geneva and has a growing network of national organisations in over 30 countries.

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