Green Cross supporting water, human rights and Africa side event

As part of the 54th session of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, Green Cross International, in conjunction with major partners, is participating in a side event on 23 October, 2013, in Gambia entitled Transboundary Water Governance and Human Rights Impact in Practice, during which Green Cross representatives will discussing two major issues:

  • Implementing the Human Right to Water in the Niger River Basin: This will focus on three major challenges found in the Niger River basin, which is shared by 10 countries: Water pollution from fertilizers, intensive erosion, and climate change. It will also look at the Charter of the Niger River Basin to understand implications of the recognition of the human right to water.
  • South African Recognition of the Right to Water and Sustainable Water Resource Management: South Africa is a water scarce country, semi-arid and facing a highly varied climate, with the country’s major challenge being found in its unequal distribution of water and population. This section will look at the South African National Water Act 1998, in how it recognizes water as a human right of present and future generations, and states sustainability and equity as guiding principles.

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