Green Cross Switzerland helps children with disabilities in Moldova

With its Social and Medical Care programme in the Republic of Moldova, Green Cross Switzerland supports families affected by the Chernobyl catastrophe through the CRIS child centre.

In the past ten years, the number of children born with deformations has constantly risen. One of the children affected by the disaster is four-year-old Ionela, who was born with a deformation of her joints. She lives with her mother and sister in the impoverished surroundings of Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. Her father left the family months ago in the hopes of earning enough money in Russia for Ionela’s crucial operation but the family has not heard from him since. To make ends meet, the family has moved in with Ionela’s aunt, who is also a mother of four. The extended family of seven now live in a shared dwelling that is 18 square meters in size.
Functional furnishings and suitable programmes for handicapped children are sadly lacking in Moldova. The CRIS centre is currently undergoing renovations with the aim of creating possible care programs.
Monitoring of the children’s health and early recognition and treatment of any signs of illness are of crucial importance. The health system in Moldova, one of the poorest European states, permits diagnostics and treatment on a very limited scale. Furthermore, given the level of poverty many patients can’t afford treatment.
Green Cross has established family clubs where parents and relatives learn from the encouraging care programs. The family clubs also promote solidarity between the handicapped and socially disadvantaged as well as a door for personal engagement.

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