Green Cross Switzerland issues 2008 Top Ten World’s Worst Pollution Problems

GC Switzerland, together with the Blacksmith Institute, has issued the 2008 edition of the Top Ten of the world’s most dangerous pollution problems.  The list is unranked but highlights what a panel of expert advisors considers to pose the greatest threat to human health and includes well-known pollution problems such as urban air pollution as well as more less known problems like car battery recycling.

The report illustrates the fact that pollution is one of the leading contributing factors to death, illnesses and disability in the world and the disparate effect it has on the health of children. The Top Ten are part of the report titled, “The World’s Worst Pollution Problems: The Top Ten of The Toxic Twenty,” which was complied following an analysis of over 600 sites in Blacksmith’s database of polluted places and nominations by relevant experts.
In addition to the Top Ten of the Toxic Twenty, the report also includes the Four Least Addressed Pollution Problems, the Top Eight Pollution Problems Most Affecting Children the Seven Worst Pollution Problems in Africa and the Four Problems most affecting Future Generations.
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