Green Cross Switzerland report assesses industrial sources of toxins

The Environmental Toxin Report 2016, by Green Cross Switzerland and Pure Earth, New York, provides information about the world’s ten most dangerous sources of environmental toxins and quantifies the adverse effects on health caused by toxic substances worldwide. Currently, few publications are available on this subject.

The report finds that environmental toxins and toxic substances are verifiably endangering the health of approximately 200 million people worldwide.

“The UN member states, which approved Agenda 2030, are called upon to take steps to reduce chemicals and toxic waste”, says Nathalie Gysi, Executive Director of Green Cross Switzerland.

According to Richard Fuller, founder of Pure Earth, New York, the worst cases of environmental pollution within these industries are attributable to unregulated, small-scale activities with a high level of contamination as well as larger sources of environmental toxins which have been shut down. The reason for this are lack of knowledge regarding best practices and technologies, as well as a lack of oversight.

The Environmental Toxin Report 2016 quantifies the negative impact on health resulting from the sources of environmental toxins and the related pollutants in Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs). The lost life years due to premature death and the effects on the quality of life due to ill health are measured by these DALYs. Based on the database of the Toxic Sites Identification Program (TSIP) 17.78 million DALYs are attributable to toxic substances from ten sources of environmental toxins in the 49 countries that were analyzed.

The Environmental Toxin Report 2016 is available for downloading in English from