Green Cross takes part in Earth Day: by June, 1 billion green actions

On the occasion of the 42nd annual World Earth Day, the national branch of Green Cross Italy joins the challenge set by the Earth Day Network: reach 1 billion of green actions to take to the UN summit on sustainable development, held in Rio de Janeiro in June. This will be done through “Inizia da te” (starts with you), an environmental awareness campaign, which invites all individuals and institutions, agencies and organizations, to contribute directly putting into practice sustainable choices and increasing the “counter-earth”.

From April 22, green behaviours are posted on the website and Facebook group dedicated to the campaign and support the count of the international project A Billion Acts of Green of Earth Day, which currently totals over 970 million actions.
How to participate in the challenge? Avoid buying bottled water; leave your car at home for one day; replace old bulbs with high-efficiency lighting; or shop with a reusable canvas bag. Everyone can make a personal contribution for the benefit of the planet and contribute to the objective of collecting 30 million shares needed to reach the target of one billion acts of green.
Green Cross Italy also participates in the concert organized by Earth Day Italy on April 22 at Palapartenope Theatre in Naples. The Italian actress Claudia Gerini, testimonial and ambassador of the environmental NGO, will send her video-message to call for a revolution in lifestyle, so that every day becomes an Earth Day.
The concert will be streamed live on web platforms and Vodafone Italy, and it will be repeated on Sky1 HD channel, on April 23 at 11:20 pm. This year’s guest star is Anggun; the Indonesian singer became the FAO Goodwill Ambassador for the protection of forests. Last year, she devoted herself to reforestation projects in coastal areas affected by the tsunami disaster in Indonesia.
“We are happy to be associated to the Earth Day invitation to share ideas, sustainable practices and behaviors that can inspire and push for change – said the president of Green Cross Italy Elio Pacilio -. To reduce the ecological footprint on the Planet, the more get involved, the merrier!. The World Earth Day is a moment of celebration which involves hundreds of thousands of people around the world, an opportunity to reach the destination of our environmental message.”
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