Green Drop Award meets Antarctic

Green Drop Award 2014: 71st Venice Film Festival meets Antarctic

This year, the sand inside the Green Drop Award, the drop-shaped trophy awarded by Green Cross Italy and the city of Venice for the most “ecologist” movie nominated for Venice International Film Festival, comes from Antarctic, a huge white expanse which has its unique beauty and fragility.

The awarding of the precious “soil” will take place on Thursday, 26 June 2014 at 19:00 CET in “Casa del Cinema” (House of Cinema), Roma. It will be given by Vincenzo Cincotti, responsible for the Antarctic Technic Unity of ENEA (the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) and Green Cross Italy President Elio Pacilio.

Green Cross Italy member assembly and members of the Italian Association of Cinema Authors (Anac), including its president Ugo Gregoretti, will attend the event.

During the evening, organized in collaboration with Anac and Roma Experimental Center of Cinematography, and also achieved thanks to the contribution of the Italian mineral water brand Acqua Lete, a unique piece of glass art from the famous Venice island of Murano will be exhibited to the audience: it represents a water drop filled up with a soil sample which this year will come from South Pole, after Brazil (2012) and Egypt (2013). It is a way to raise awareness among general public about Global Warning, by allowing them to discover places, such as Antarctic, which is in front line of climate change studies.

The evening will end with the restored projection of the movie “Hands over the city” (“Le mani sulla città”), presented in Venice in 2013, 50 years after receiving the Golden Lion (il Leone d’Oro). “The constant attention Green Cross pays to environmental and sustainable development issues – states Green Cross Italy President Elio Pacilio –brings us to lead such actions of cultural promotion, which aim to maintain public attention on the most critical aspects of our society”. And for the occasion, even Master Francesco Rosi, the movie director, is awaited.