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The selection of nominees and awardees is based generally on a demonstration, and history, of one or more of the following criteria corresponding to the three GSA categories.

Prevention and Preparedness

  • Played a critical role in preventing or preparing for future environmental emergencies through effective advocacy efforts;
  • Demonstrated strong support to developing national and regional capacities to prevent and prepare for environmental emergencies;
  • Manifested outstanding achievement in capacity-building missions for prevention and preparedness;
  • Demonstrated effective development of education and training courses on environmental emergencies.


  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership and/or substantial support in response to one or more environmental emergencies;
  • Demonstrated outstanding results in coordinating response to one or more environmental emergencies;
  • Proven record in building regional, national or community response capacities.

Environment and Humanitarian Actions

  • Proven record in integrating environmental issues into decision-making and into the relevant stages/cycles of humanitarian response;
  • Demonstrated marked improvement in consideration of environmental issues in humanitarian action based on lessons learned and best practices;
  • Demonstrated effective leadership in awareness-raising on environmental issues in humanitarian action;
  • Demonstrated creative solutions or innovations in the area of environment in humanitarian actions.