These outstanding individuals and organisations from around the world have all made remarkable efforts to prepare for, respond to, and mainstream actions to prevent environmental emergencies. They were rewarded with a 2013 Green Star Award by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Green Cross International (GCI) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) for their hard work in the field of environmental emergency.



  • Mayor of Japan’s Katsurao Village, Masahide Matsumoto, who showed exemplary leadership and preparedness on 14 March 2011 to evacuate 1,600 residents to safety the day before the second and third reactor explosions at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant, which, subsequently, covered his town in a thick radioactive plume.
  • New York City Hurricane Sandy Debris Removal Task Force, for their outstanding response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. The Task Force comprised over 25 City, State and Federal agencies and focused on reusing and recycling much of the 2 million cubic yards of debris left behind by Hurricane Sandy in New York City.


  • World Wildlife Fund and American Red Cross, for their joint-development of the Green Recovery and Reconstruction Toolkit (GRRT), following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, to ensure disaster recovery efforts are sustainable and do not have unintended negative effects on the environment.
  • Sir David Attenborough, for his work on raising awareness on climate change and related environmental emergencies, and 60 years of dedication to the environment. His vast body of work, including the State of the Planet (2000), The Truth About Climate Change (2006), and How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth (2009) have informed millions of people on the pressures posed by humanity on the environment.