“Green Your Life” exhibition in Taiwan

The video clip Our Home The Earth featuring GCI Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev is currently being shown at an exhibition at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

On display in the aiport 1 July to 10 August, the aim of the Green Your Life exhibition is to increase public awareness of ecological issues. The exhibition is a collaborative effort between the airport, the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation (EQPF), a Green Cross partner organization and the Ever Rich Foundation in Taiwan, marking the first time that the Taoyuan International Airport cooperates with an environmental group.
Located in the departure lounge, the exhibition provides travelers with the opportunity to learn about local environmental activities in Taiwan and the significance and value of conservation. The exhibition shows short films and contains a series of 7 display panels.
In addition to playing the Our Home the Earth clip, the “Relieve Taiwan” campaign’s promotional video is also featured. The campaign’s aim is to make local communities aware of environmental issues and of the importance of planting trees and creating forests in protecting nature.
The display panels include 3 paintings, “Earth – After Tomorrow,” “How powerful is a sapling” and the third is inspired by the famous artwork “Guernica” by Piccasso. The other panels focus, respectively, on : a depiction of the historical change of the Patagonia Glacier in Argentina; profiles of old trees in Taiwan; information on EQPF’s Climate Code Campaign; and the final one covers Taiwan’s native tree species.

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