Greening transport packaging

Global Green USA announced a key milestone in their goal of achieving 100% recyclable wholesale packaging through the largest food distribution center in the world, Hunt’s Point Distribution Center in New York.

This breakthrough is in collaboration with Mountaire Farms, the sixth largest poultry company in the US, and Interstate Container. The new recyclable and compostable boxes will impact 6,000 tons of poultry boxes per year in New York City alone. If all of Mountaire’s boxes servicing the New York City market were recycled, greenhouses gases would be reduced by 21,000 mtCO2e per year, equivalent to removing 3,800 passenger cars off the road.
According to Pete Bugas, National Account Manager, Interstate Container, “This a major step to permanently remove wax boxes not only from Hunts Point, but throughout the supply chain in the United States. This box now provides the end-user with a recycling option; it also is certified compostable, which is yet another avenue to prevent boxes from being land-filled.”
According to Annie White, Director of Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery “Achieving 100% recyclable packaging through Hunt’s Point would divert over 30,000 tons/yr of corrugated cardboard from the landfill and would reduce greenhouse gases by 103,000mtCO2e/yr, equivalent to taking 19,000 cars off the road, and would set the standard for greening transfer packaging throughout the world.”
According to Larry Saywell, VP Marketing, Mountaire Farms, “Because we’re an agricultural company, we have an obligation to take care of the earth. In order to sustain our business, we need to have good soil, clean water, and clean air to grow our crops and raise our chickens. It is all part of our way of being.”
The switch to recyclable packaging is only one component of the sustainable packaging transition. The change in packaging methods from ice pack to modified atmosphere packaging will result in significant water and energy savings. In addition, the reduction in box size and elimination of inner plastic bags further reduces the use of plastic. Overall water, energy, and greenhouse gas savings associated with the design and packaging of the poultry is being calculated.
The Hunt’s Point Demonstration Project is one of several of Global Green USA’s Coalition for Resource Recovery projects dedicated to generating business value through creating a sustainable, zero waste New York City.

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