Historic Session on Right to Water and Sanitation at UN General Assembly

Green Cross International strongly supports the draft resolution presented by Bolivia and 34 other States at the United Nations on the Right to safe drinking water and sanitation.

Furthermore, GCI urges States to contribute to this historic moment by standing for the international recognition of the Human Right to water and sanitation and by acting accordingly in the context of the ongoing negotiations at the United Nations.
While a child still dies every 8 seconds of water borne disease, the potential adoption of this resolution would represent a major step towards the realization of this Right. Adoption would signify international recognition of the Human Right to safe water and sanitation.
Earlier this month, GCI Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev published an op-ed in the NY Times and International Herald Tribune on this subject, including the upcoming vote. In the article, President Gorbachev refers to the resolution as “historic” and a “pivotal opportunity.
“There is tremendous political will and popular momentum behind the movement to formally declare safe water and sanitation as human rights” said President Gorbachev in the op-ed.  “We must seize this moment and translate our enthusiasm into solid, binding legislation and action at the national and international levels — starting with the expected U.N. vote this month.”
GCI, behind the leadership of President Gorbachev, has been advocating that access to a reliable and safe supply of water for essential human consumption and basic sanitation is a universal human right that should be recognized by all nations.

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