Italian president meets Youth Contest winners

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano welcomed the winners of the “The Earth Charter Italian Youth Contest,” promoted by Green Cross Italy, at the Quirinal Palace on 9 November.

The awards ceremony was attended by many personalities of the political world, including the Minister for the Environment, Stefania Prestigiacomo. In addition, over 200 students were there, representing the more than 30.000 students that took part in the 18th edition of the competition.
Young reporters, the winners of this year’s edition, discussed the various techniques used by journalists to document the climate change discussions. These students completed investigations, sought and verified sources, and gathered the testimonies of elderly people living in their neighborhoods. From all of their work, there not only appears a “lesson of journalism,” but also a positive message for the future. These young people are urging the civil society institutions to immediately start working towards changing their lifestyles, including how goods and materials are produced and consumed.
The student reporters for Green Cross Italy utilized investigations, advertising spots, documentaries, news broadcasts, and song and dance to help convey their message on climate change. They understand the need to learn about their environment and are working to engage themselves and their peers in order to bring about a better future.
“This sensitivity to the environmental themes must be translated into concrete actions,” said Elio Pacilio, President of Green Cross Italy. “There are human, scientific, cultural and financial resources and it is right to use them and to allow youth to have a future of wellness.”
The 19th edition of “The Earth Charter Italian Youth Contest” was announced at a press conference held in Rome on October 25, but the awards ceremony at the Presidential Palace served as the official launch. The 19th edition of the contest seeks to allow greater involvement of participants through the organization of meetings with experts of climate and environment. The first meeting will be on 16 November at the Explora Museum in Rome.

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