If you would like to establish a Green Cross National Organisation (GCNO) in your country please adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Read the GCI Memorandum with the essential conditions to be met in order to apply for the status of a GCNO Preparatory Committee.
  2. Once you meet all these conditions, please download, complete and send the Questionnaire to for due consideration, with mention in the subject line “Application for Preparatory Committee”.
  3. Once you receive positive feedback to your Questionnaire, you will be required to prepare an Action Plan including a detailed description of the projects you would like to implement, your budget and financial sources (donors), and information on potential board and staff members (please provide full CVs as separate documents). Furthermore you will have to plan a trip to GCI HQ in Geneva in order to meet GCI management and present your proposal. Please note that no financial support will be provided by GCI regarding your travel or any other expenses.
  4. If your Action Plan is approved by GCI Management, an Interim Agreement of Recognition will be signed between GCI and your entity thereby giving your entity the status of PrepCom (Preparatory Committee) for a one year probationary period during which you will have to start your activities and implementation of projects. At the end of the probation period, you will have to provide a detailed report, after which your entity will either be granted full National Organization status; have its status of PrepCom extended for another year; or there will be a decision to discontinue the relationship with your organisation should the results be unsatisfactory.