LIVE GREEN: eco life in your phone and tablet

More than 50% of Poles do not live environmentally-friendly lives, while 20% of the population does not save water; those who waste food include university graduates enjoying a good financial situation. What choice should we make to live in an informed and ecological way? A free-of-charge Live Green application provides answers to these questions; it is the first Polish mobile ecology guidebook initiated by Green Cross Poland.

“A report drawn late last year by TNS Polska for the Ministry of the Environment indicated that Poles had a very poor awareness of environmental issues. As part of a Live Green social campaign, we have created a mobile guidebook to ecology. As an organization with the main goal of supporting activities protecting the natural environment, we suggest a solution to change the situation. I hope that our guidebook will raise Poles’ ecological awareness,” said Dominika Kulczyk-Lubomirska, founder and vice-president of Green Cross Poland.

The innovative “Live Green” application provides hints and information on how to live respecting the environment. As part of Green Cross Poland’s social campaign,  smartphone users may find out about the meaning of 170 ecological and information marks placed, among other things, on cosmetics packaging, food products and garment as well as electronic equipment. The application also includes environmental tips and a selection of specially created stories recorded by Katarzyna Bujakiewicz, Reni Jusis, Michał Piróg, Kinga Rusin and Agnieszka Szulim.

“Few people know how to identify reliable environmental signage and understand the underlying meaning. Oftentimes, considerable effort needs to be made and producers need to comply with strict requirements before an environmental mark is granted. How can we read the language of environmental labels? How can we tell reliable information from misleading information which is pure manipulation? The goal of Live Green’s campaign is to support consumers in decision-making processes and in recognizing credible, unambiguous and verified environmental information placed on products,” explained Anna Lewandowska, Ph.D. Eng. from the Wielkopolska Institute of Quality, the campaign’s content-related partner.

The signs can be read after downloading and starting-up the application; next, the telephone or tablet needs to be directed at the selected sign to scan the object. The downloaded image is sent to servers where it is processed and made available in the database. The user receives feedback in the form of an ID number; the application displays information about the sign. On top of that, the application user has access to descriptions of more than 170 signs from a sign catalogue.

Another element offered by the application is a collection of 20 environmental stories. They were originated with the Green Cross Poland campaign in mind. The stories were recorded by Polish celebrities who care of the environment.

Moreover, the Live Green application includes more than 150 ecological tips on how to wisely take care of the environment, what factors to take into consideration when buying cosmetics, how to drive ecologically, why radiators should be turned down and windows closed before we leave the flat.

The campaign’s content-related partner is the Wielkopolska Institute of Quality in cooperation with the University of Economics in Poznań.

Green Cross Poland is a Polish branch of Green Cross International, non-governmental environmental non-profit organization in the world founded in 1993 by Nobel Peace laureate President Mikhail Gorbachev and Chaired by Dr Jan Kulczyk. Green Cross Poland was launched in February 2010 by Dominika Kulczyk-Lubomirska and has carried out numerous projects with the goal of developing new solutions for the sake of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Green Cross Poland provides a platform for dialogue between business, administration, non-governmental organizations and research centres. Strategic workshops, high-level debates, cooperation with Polish and foreign partners are among the tasks undertaken by GCPL in the realm of three major areas of its activity: green economy, water management and green cities and communes. The organization is an active member of social consultations of legal acts and international strategies.

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