Living with Nuclear Disaster – youth perspectives 30 years after Chernobyl

A group of students from areas of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine suffering the after-effects of the Chernobyl disaster, as well as the Fukushima region of Japan (and accompanied by several from Italy and Switzerland) will be in Geneva on Tuesday, 26 July. These young people are all taking part in a Green Cross summer camp in Switzerland.

One of the things they are doing as part of the camp is to produce and perform a theatrical piece about the natural spaces around Chernobyl. The play, which they have worked on in collaboration with the national Theatro Satirico from Moldova, adapts the story of “the Jungle Book”, but shows how the lives of Mowgli and his friends change after a nuclear accident and how they all struggle to find solutions to the resulting problems.

The group will perform an excerpt from their play at Parc Eugène-Rigot (on chemin Eugène-Rigot, just south of Place des Nations) at 15h30.

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Before the performance, starting at 13h30, they will be at the IFRC headquarters to meet representatives of NGOs. More details on the IFRC event are here