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GCI and Pureology are looking to increase their collaboration both at international and local levels for the 2013 UN International Year of Water Cooperation with the new campaign “Save Water, Give Water”:

Save Water

Pureology will launch a WaterSaver Salon digital tool that will allow hair salons to estimate their current usage and identify ways to conserve water.

Pureology salons will then be able to enroll as committed “WaterSaver Salons” and engage to build awareness of water conservation while reducing their water use and utility bills. The WaterSaver Tool will be linked to a dedicated GCI’s webpage to make online donation to support water related projects.

Give Water

Through the international sale of a limited edition bottle “Hydrate Shampoo” featuring drawings of children from Makango school in Ghana and other fundraising campaigns, Pureology will continue to support GCI’s SWGS project in Ghana to provide more local communities with access to safe drinking water and clean sanitation.

More information on the partnership:

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