Marisa Arienza

Professor Marisa Arienza Mallmann is the President of Green Cross Argentina and was elected to the Board of Green Cross International in 2013.

Prof Arienza is a lawyer with a PhD in International Relations who undertook post-graduate studies at Harvard University under the direction of Prof Samuel Huntington and Prof Raymond Barre. She also undertook post-graduate studies in economics and international trade at the Italian Trade Agency.

Green Cross Argentina (GCA) has extensive track record in working on transboundary water cooperation. The organization has therefore engaged with numerous South American stakeholders working on this issue. One of them is the International Office of the La Plata River Basin, which is based in Buenos Aires. GCA has regular contacts with the organization and the Corpus Dam has been a central topic of discussions in the region in past years. Furthermore, each riparian state of the Plata Basin is represented by an ambassador within the International Office.

GCA’s long lasting work in the Yacyretá Dam region provides GCA with very useful experience and expertise (similarities of the populations’ profiles, the governments involved, the impact, etc) and has helped the organization develop numerous contacts in the Paraguayan administration (stakeholders as well). GCA engaged in two mediation mandates concerning the Yacyretá Dam: 1) mediation between the binational Yacyreta Dam authorities and the hundreds of claimers who squatted a tent in front of the dam’s entrance, and 2) the obstruction of international bridge that connects Argentina and Paraguay and the cities of Posadas and Encarnación.

She is a founding member of the Forum Humanum, a member of the The Club of Rome, Secretary of the Argentinean Chapter of The Club of Rome, Secretary-General for Latin America of The Club of Rome (under the Presidency of Belisario Betancur). She worked with Aurelio Peccei, the founder and first president of The Club of Rome, from 1975 until his death in 1984.

Prof Arienza has been closely associated with the United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan, working as a specialist in sustainable development alternatives through the Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development, (GPID) Programme and also on peace and security in Latin America, which prompted her to co-author several books on the subject in collaboration with Venezuelan sociologist José Agustín Silva Michelena.

Prof Arienza has worked previously with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and United Nations Development Programme and is the former Director of Doctorate Studies in Foreign Affairs at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. She is also a full professor of Environmental Law Careers at the Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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