Meeting of the Parties of the UNECE Water Convention

Green Cross International is attending the Meeting of the Parties of the United Nations Economic Comission for Europe (UNECE) Water Convention that just started in Rome.
A major agenda item of the meeting will be the opening of the UNECE Water Convention (1992) to accession by non-UNECE countries.The opening of this formerly regional instrument will be effective on February 6th 2013, almost simultaneously with the expected entry into force of the UN Watercourses Convention, a legal instrument laying out basic rules of cooperation between States sharing watercourses, that was negotiated during three decades at the United Nations. Its entry into force is expected to take place in 2013, during the International Year of Water Cooperation.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon welcomed this development in an opening address that was read on his behalf. Mr Ban encouraged states to accede to the 1992 UNECE Water Convention and to implement both instruments in a coherent manner.
Green Cross has been advocating for the ratification of the UN Watercourses Convention as an instrument promoting cooperation over shared hydrographic basins for years. We will promote the implementation of both instruments, with the view of contributing to the protection, use and joint management of the world’s 276 transboundary basins.
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