Mikhail Gorbachev Awarded Kiel Institute’s Global Economy Prize

Green Cross International founder Mikhail Gorbachev was among the four winners of the Kiel Institute’s 2015 Global Economy Prize. GCI President Alexander Likhotal accepted the award on his behalf, and also delivered an address, at the ceremony on 21 June.

“Outcomes are not predetermined,” said Likhotal. “They depend on both historical trends and purposeful political choices. To meet new challenges, we need to hear the call of history – just as we did to end the Cold War. We need to take down the wall that separates us from our future.”

The Global Economy prize is awarded to honor influential personalities in politics, business and science. Laureates have been pioneers in finding solutions to global economic problems, have been willing to participate in a dialogue with people from other walks of life, and have championed a society based on individual initiative and responsibility.