New book released: “The Pursuit of Endurance” by Luc Hardy


Luc Hardy’s book “The Pursuit of Endurance”, containing more than 300 photos over 230 pages, illustrates his expedition in the Antarctic in late 2014, retracing part of Ernest Shackleton Endurance expedition. The book is written both in English and in French.



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In the heart of the Antarctic, nine adventurers are about to live an extraordinary story. They come from very different backgrounds, but one thing brings them together – a passion for adventure and testing their limits.

Their goal: to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest legends of the golden age of polar exploration: Ernest Shackleton.
In 1914, after the sinking of his ship The Endurance, this hero saved his entire crew from a certain death. 100 years later our expedition sets out to explore the sub-Antarctic islands of Elephant, South Georgia and the South Sandwich by boat, ski and pulka.

On board the Australis: an expedition leader, a veteran explorer, a former officer, a skipper, a polar guide, a scientist, two young soldiers and an athlete snowboarder.
An expedition to remind us of the fragility of this highly endangered ecosystem, and to improve our understanding of these remote expanses.