New Green Cross water projects will help girls stay in school

In 2015, Green Cross Italy plans to install clean water systems and gender-segregated toilets in six schools in the Saint-Louis region, which have a combined student population of 3,372. In each of these schools, they will also give workshops on hygiene, health, and water management, as well as the connections between water, gender, and education.

In Senegal, it’s not easy for girls to stay in school. One of the leading reasons, according to a study by the Departmental Inspection of National Education, is simply the lack of toilets for them to use in many schools. About 60 per cent of schools in the Saint-Louis region have no water or sanitation facilities, which leads to higher drop-out rates. Women with little education tend to marry earli

er, and their daughters, in turn, are more likely to drop out and have to marry young – a cycle that Green Cross wants to break.

Through this water project, Green Cross aims to improve health and education, and expand opportunities for girls.