New report: top ten pollutants and their health impacts

Using data collected by the Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland over the past three years from more than 2,000 toxic hotspots, the 2011 Environmental Report identifies the top ten sources of pollution and, for the first time, quantifies their health impacts.

The 2011 Environmental Report focuses on sites with a clear, fixed source of toxic pollution that can be targeted for remediation efforts. Its focus is specifically on pollutants considered “toxic” by the Blacksmith Institute Technical Advisory Board.

This scope excludes pollution problems where the source is unclear or distributed – such as automobile emissions, general urban air pollution, non-point source water pollution from urban storm runoff, general household or commercial waste disposal, and oil or chemical spills from transport and distribution activities.

Download photos of top ten pollution problems
Video interview with Green Cross Switzerland pollution expert Stephan Robinson

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