Green Cross Netherlands

Founded: 1995
Town: Nijmegen
Address: p/a Rosa Luxemburgstraat 10
Postal code: 6663 LB Lent
Phone: +31 40 7878787 (office)


President: Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp





Director: Mark J. Lambregts






Robert-Jan Nieland






Prof. Dr. Peter Schmid






Drs. Bastiaan Prak






Victoria Koblenko
Ukrainian-Dutch actress, presenter and columnist





Members of the Committee of Recommendation

Prof Dr. Mr. Dorien Pessers
Dutch lawyer and columnist. Professor of Legal Theory at the Faculty of Law at VU University Amsterdam





Dr. Jan Terlouw
Chairman of the Executive Board D’66, Member of House of Representatives, Minister of Economic Affairs, Secretary-General, Queen’s Commissioner in Gelderland and Senator of the Senate since 1999



Dr. Herman Wijffels
Former CEO of Rabobank, former chairman of the SER, former Dutch administrator at the World Bank in Washington. He is currently co-chair of Worldconnectors and professor of ‘sustainability and social change’ at Utrecht University



Dr. Jan Pronk
Former Minister of Development Cooperation and Housing. Former chairman of the World Environment Conference, and former special V.N. envoy for the Darfur region in Sudan




Prof. dr. M.M. Jansen
Rector Protestantse Theologische Universiteit, Chair of the Board of the Protestant Theological University, the Netherlands





Members of the Advisory Board

Bart-Jan Krouwel
Founder Triodosbank, former dir. Triodosbank, former dir. of Sustainability & Social Innovation Rabobank Nederland, former dir. GCNL




Maurits Groen
Dir. MGM Communicatie BV, most sustainable entrepreneur 2015, initiator of numerous sustainable products





Prof. Dr. André Faaij
Professor of Energy Transistion and scientific dir. expertise center ‘Energy Academy Europe





Jesse van Doren
Social media, technology and innovation expert




Photo: WRF / R. Sturmer

Drs. Bas de Leeuw
Economist, member of the Club of Rome, and dir. of World Resources Forum (WR Forum)





Henry Mentink
Green entrepreneur, founder / owner of the first and largest Dutch share car organization ‘MyWheels’