Overcoming Challenges to the Chemical Weapons Convention

Dr. Paul Walker, Director of the Global Green USA Security and Sustainability Programme, chaired the panel on “Overcoming Challenges to the Chemical Weapons Convention” at the 2010 Gstaad Process on 18 September.

Entitled “Beyond Geopolitics — Common Challenges, Joint Solutions,” the conference was held 16-18 September 2010 in Gstaad, Switzerland and organized by the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (Geneva), the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (Bern), the Center for Nonproliferation Studies (Washington DC), and the Russian Center for Policy Studies (Moscow). About 35 senior government and non-government participants from Europe, Russia, and the United States participated, where topics discussed included geopolitics, nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, the strategic use of space, the cybersecurity threat, and the abolition of chemical weapons.
Speakers on the panel chaired by Dr. Walker included Ambassador Eric Javits, former US Permanent Representative to the OPCW; Ambassador Sergei Batsanov, Director of the Geneva Office of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs; and Dr. Ralf Trapp, former Senior Planning Officer at the OPCW.
Other sessions included “Beyond Geopolitics – Common Challenges, Common Solutions?;” “Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation: Taking stock of 2010 (e.g. NPT Review Conference, START, Nuclear Security Summit);” “The Strategic Use of Space: Challenges and Opportunities;” and “Assessing the Cybersecurity Threat.”
For more information on the conference, please visit the Geneva Centre for Security Policy website.

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