Earlier today, President Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord. Global Green believes this decision is both reckless and ill-thought out and breaks a promise for a better environment for Americans and the rest of the world. The President’s decision to withdraw from the agreement ignores the real crisis of climate change facing the entire planet. Global Green has worked tirelessly for decades to advocate for climate change policies, while at the same time providing solutions of resilience and adaptation including Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. However, rather than focus on mitigating climate change and investing in green renewable energy the President has decided single-mindedly to focus on tax cuts and support for carbon-emitting and oil-producing corporations, thereby ignoring economic trends in the creation of green jobs. Ironically, even some of the biggest oil companies and their former leaders, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (former CEO of Exxon/Mobile), recommended remaining a part of the Paris Climate accord. The Paris agreement was an example of American leadership for determining the future of our planet and the ability for us to work collectively as humankind to protect our world. Pulling out of Paris damages the U.S. much more than it damages the agreement itself.

The rest of the world will continue to move forward, as well as Global Green.

Sadly, President Trump’s decision not only puts Americans at greater risk due to climate change related events, particularly those in coastal and rural areas, it also increases the likelihood of additional health risk to children and the elderly who suffer from increasing respiratory illness directly related to climate change. Furthermore, beyond the borders of the U.S. as climate change impacts weather, water sources, and geopolitical boundaries, the prospects of additional regional conflict, resulting in refugees, on a more massive scale, will continue.

While the President has made his decision, those of us at Global Green who live in the State of California are heartened by our Governor and the mayors of our major cities, who have stated their commitment to adapt the standards of the Paris Accord whether the federal government participates or not. Our hope is that other states and cities will do the same and send a message to Washington, and the world, that despite the egregious decision made by President Trump, the American people, and the cities and states we live in will continue to fight this critical battle without the support of our national government and President.

There is no time to dwell on this decision. We are asking you to move forward with us in our fight against climate change and our efforts to provide resilient and adaptive solutions. Trump has made his move against climate change so we are asking for you to help us make our move against his decision. We’re rallying new local and national programs that show Washington that we want a greener America. Please join us in this important fight for the future of our planet, the citizens of the world, and future generations who are certain to suffer in the absence of specific steps to mitigate what 190+ countries have identified as a global problem.

The U.S. now joins just Syria and Nicaragua in not supporting the Paris accord. While we may lose our stature as a country in leading the effort to stop climate change, as citizens of the U.S. and the world, we refuse to accept this position in history. Our work will continue with YOUR support. This fight is not just in our hands and those of other NGO’s, it’s in your hands as well, and we need you now more than ever to fight back and lead the way in supporting efforts to address climate change.   Thank you in advance for joining us in this fight against the decision of the President of the United States, which once stood for taking the lead in advancing policies in support of the health and well-being of its citizens, but now has publically refuted efforts by the Global community to stop irreversible damage to the world….a world in which we used to lead by example, not by retreat.

Les McCabe

President and CEO, Global Green USA