#Parisclimat: Look for a way, not a way out

“Paris Climate 2015 can be a watershed moment in the history of human development, marking the beginning of the end of the carbon economy, and launching a new green and inclusive future for all.”

Green Cross International (GCI) has released a Geneva Declaration to COP21, calling for action and ambition at Paris Climate 2015. The declaration draws on the discussions held at the International Conference for a Green and Inclusive Economy on 6 and 7 October in Geneva.

Read the Declaration here: EN / FR

This statement emphasises that the knowledge, technology and public support for an economic transition already exist. All that’s missing is the political leadership to take us forward.

GCI President Alexander Likhotal, Geneva’s Minister of Environment, Transport and Agriculture, and Club of Rome Secretary General Graeme Maxton presented the recommendations and answered questions at the Club Suisse de la presse in Geneva on Monday, 30 November.

There are solutions to the problems facing us – we can change our economic system,” said Maxton. “Our message to politicians is to get their act together, and if they don’t, we need to vote them out and replace them.”

The most important thing is to put ideas into action,” added Barthassat. “It’s great to have ideas and discussions, but it’s action that counts, and I think in smaller territories, at a local scale, we can really show progress to the world.”

This declaration represents an internationalist perspective, coming from this traditional capital of cross-border cooperation and peaceful, constructive negotiation. The State and Canton of Geneva, which supported the October conference and the preparation of these recommendations, has been a strong voice for sustainability and an invaluable partner to Green Cross.

Geneva, the birthplace of multilateralism, has the moral right to give a clear recommendation to the world how to resume multilateral negotiations, and how to move ahead,” said Likhotal. “Throughout history, Civilization has always advanced during periods of peace, through cooperation.”

Geneva is home to the world’s largest network of environmentally-focused organizations, the Geneva Environment Network, which provides a forum tying together the hundreds of NGOs and IOs with offices in Geneva.