Pax Arctica expedition flies Explorers Club flag

Launched by Green Cross France on June 4th, 2008 the Pax Arctica expedition has been approved as a flag research expedition under the Explorers Club of New York. On a mission to engage in scientific and cross cutting research on environmental issues affecting the Arctic archipelago, the research expedition can continue the early goals laid down by the Explorers Club founders in 1904 – to engage in scientific exploration and share the results for the progress of humanity.

The Explorers Club flag has been flown in countless research expeditions around the globe in extraordinary places such as deep seawater and moon exploration. Today, the flag represents a history of accomplishments and courage, and an international community of explorers and field scientists worldwide.
Led by Luc Hardy, the Pax Arctica expedition will serve to uncover the true environmental situation of the Arctic habitat and the extent of the impact of climate change on this fragile environment.
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