The Green Cross family and our network of partners span the globe and work together to help the organization achieve its mission to protect humanity from environmental threats and poverty. Our staff, governing and honorary boards, national organizations, interns and volunteers reach thousands of people worldwide everyday. The dedicated support we receive from a wide range of partners – including civil society and corporate – make it possible for us to advocate for change and conduct our on-the-ground activities.

Maria Vitagliano

Maria Vitagliano has worked with the Green Cross Social and Medical (SOCMED) services programme since 2002, working for six years as the programme’s deputy director before becoming its overall director in 2010. Maria, a Swiss-Italian citizen, has a strong background in education and intercultural studies and work.

Paul Walker

Director of Green Cross International’s Environmental Security and Sustainability programme, Paul has helped lead the programme since its inception in the mid-1990s with colleagues from Russia and Switzerland.  He is also manager of the Washington DC office for GCI and its US national affiliate, Global Green USA.