Providing safe water for mothers and infants

An upcoming Acqua for Life project will bring clean water to the health post in Rosso, Senegal, build two outdoor blocks of sinks for hand-washing, and create a system for bringing water to the toilets.

Lack of safe water and poor sanitation during labour can lead to infection, threatening the lives of mother and child. At the health post in Rosso, which helps about 800 pregnant women every year, there is no source of drinkable water. Nurses must do the back-breaking work of bringing water to fill up the ten 25-litre tanks that are still insufficient to meet all the patients’ needs.

According to the supervisor, “A pregnant woman who comes to our health post to give birth must go through painful hardships, as well as her child.”

Green Cross Italy wants to change that. Clean water is a necessity for everyone, and for women giving birth it can mean the difference between life and death. This project will help women get safely through childbirth and give infants a healthy start in life.