Pureology and Green Cross Joint Initiatives

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Through their extensive network worldwide, Pureology and Green Cross National Offices collaborate to raise funds aimed at supporting sustainable projects and raising awareness on water and sanitation issues. Below are some examples of joint initiatives developed at national level:


Pureology Australia has supported Green Cross Australia in a range of ways. This includes promotional support through social media campaigns that help publicise the work of Green Cross Australia. In addition, they have provided promotional opportunities at major industry events. 

Pureology has also fundraised for Green Cross Australia, making cash donations to support its work via percentage of sales from gift packs. They have also generously supported the Future SparksGreen Lane Diary and Witness King Tides programs by donating product for prizes.


Pureology Canada supported Green Cross Canada to provide bio-sand filters and safe drinking water to children in a number of schools in Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010. Designed for household and community use, each bio-sand filter is about the size of an office water cooler and cleans enough water to meet the daily requirements of about ten people – including drinking, cooking and washing.

In 2011, a sustainable salon makeover competition has engaged the local salon community with Pureology Canada.


Green Cross Italy has been supported by Pureology Italy through several fundraising campaign and events in hair salons. As a result, Green Cross Italy funded the construction of ecological latrines in a Ghanaian school under the SWGS initiative. In addition, 100 salons were provided with a low-flow showerhead to reduce water use in the salons and raise awareness of water issues.


A specific designed Green Cross-Pureology SIGG bottle was launched for the World Water Day in 2010 to raise funds for the SWGS through an international campaign. This bottle was promoted in most of the Pureology hair salons network worldwide.

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