Raising awareness of water safety in Ivory Coast and Ghana

On 4 June, for the first time, Green Cross brought together representatives of local communities, government, the private sector and key polluting industries for a workshop on sharing water from a major river in West Africa.

Geen Cross Water Programme Director Marie-Laure Vercambre was in Ivory Coast for this important opportunity to link on-the-ground projects supplying water to communities with regional action to protect this limited resource. The Bia River crosses Ghana and Ivory Coast. Widespread bad practices among farmers, fishermen and small-mine workers endanger ecosystems and water safety for the entire local population – a situation that awareness-raising initiatives like this aim to change.

Green Cross will be holding another workshop at the end of the summer in Ghana, on the impact of gold panning and pesticide use on water resources. On June 10, Human Rights Watch released an 82-page report called “Precious Metal, Cheap Labour” documenting the exploitation of child labour in gold mining in Ghana, and the consequences of those children’s exposure to mercury pollution.