Rio+20: Future We Want

The Future We Want campaign has been embraced by the United Nations to help promote the June 2012 “Rio+20” United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

A co-founder of the Future We Want campaign is Bill Becker, climate policy expert and member of the Climate Change Task Force.
Green Cross is a supporter of the “Rio+20:  The Future We Want” campaign, that will work through public participation to envision how societies in all parts of the world can build a future that promotes prosperity and improves the quality of people’s lives without further degrading the natural environment.
“We need to imagine a different future,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.  “What would our world look like if everyone had access to the food they need, to an education, and to the energy that is required to develop?  What would our communities look like if we created a vibrant, job-rich, green economy?  This is the future we want.”
The campaign aims to encourage people everywhere to engage in a global conversation that will be collected and melded into visions of the future, to be exhibited at the Conference in June 2012.  Rio+20 will bring together world leaders and thousands of participants representing all sectors of society, including academia, agriculture, business and industry, indigenous peoples, mayors and local authorities, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, women and youth.
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