The World can be changed with small daily actions. In this spirit, and to coincide with World Water Day 2013, on 22 March, Green Cross Italy is promoting its new “Save the Drop/Salva la Goccia” campaign.

The aim is to involve the greatest number of people and make them aware of the need to save water, a precious, limited resource.

Life on earth wouldn’t be possible without water, which is growing increaslingly scarcer. According to the United Nations, one in six people in the world, almost 800 million, have no access to safe drinking water. By 2025, nearly two billion people will live in areas affected by a high risk of water crisis. Europeans on average use 200-250 liters of water per day, compared to a sub-Saharan African, who can barely count on 20 liters.

The Save the Drop campaign is primarily aimed at schools: teachers and students, who are asked to play an active role through developing environmental education projects. These efforts may allow them to participate in the “Earth Charter Youth Contest”, an initiative launched by Green Cross Italy and entering its 21sy year. Municipalities, citizens and institutions are also being called on to help protect and conserve our “blue gold”.

Participation is very easy. Just think, and put into practice, an action to protect water resources, post it to your Facebook page or Twitter account (using the hashtag #salvalagoccia) profile and share it on the Save the Drop/Salva la Goccia event page.

An online counter at will keep updating the number of participants, allowing you to know in real time the contribution of the community to safeguard water resources.

10 actions to reduce your water usage

  1. Close the tap while you wash with soap;
  2. Use a glass of water when you brush your teeth;
  3. Install flow reducers to faucets;
  4. Take a shower (a short one!) instead of a bath;
  5. Fix leaky faucets;
  6. To wash fruit and vegetables, don’t use running water: a basin is enough;
  7. Use washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances only at full-load;
  8. Fill a basin to wash dishes
  9. If you have a garden, water your plants early in the morning or in the evening during summer;
  10. Wash you car at a self-service station

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