Sergei Baranovsky has been President of Green Cross Russia since 1999, and has also supervised his organization’s “Environmental education for sustainable development” program.

Sergei was born 15 June, 1943 in Moscow. In 1960 he entered the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) at the Faculty “Engines of aircraft.” After graduating in 1966, he taught at the institute and also defended his candidate’s and doctoral thesis, being awarded the title of professor of the theory of air-breathing engines. He was the invited professor at several universities in the United States, Germany, France and China. In 1989, he was presented the Council of Ministers Award for his innovative theoretical work related to combustion chambers.

Sergei is a leading scholar in the field of ecology, an academic of the Russian Ecological Academy of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and author of numerous articles, monographs and articles on various aspects of environmental problems.

In 1990 he was invited to serve in the post of Deputy Director-General of the first USSR State consortium, “Ecoprom” dealing with scientific work, and was the developer of the State program “Ekotechprom 90”.

From 1992-94, he worked with the Gorbachev Foundation as a leading expert on ecology and was the executive secretary of the working group for creating Green Cross International.

In 1998, he was the editor of the monograph “Radiation legacy of the Cold War,” which analyzes and presents data on radioactive contamination of the territories and waters of Russia, caused by the testing of nuclear weapons. Sergei also helped develop the latest curricula for environmental education in Russia.