Side Event at the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction

Venue: Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (19-23 May 2013 at the CICG, Geneva)

Side event: Reducing disaster risk of environmental emergencies

Environmental emergencies, such as industrial and technical accidents and other human-induced disasters, are a growing challenge to sustainable development and disaster risk reduction. The impacts of these emergencies affect an increasing number of people as more and more industries are located in areas of high risk. Therefore, measures need to be taken at the national and local levels to improve risk management and preparedness.

Effective preparedness saves lives and money. The inclusion of communities, and the adoption of a participatory approach to risk management, is the most cost-effective and sustainable mechanism for reducing risks and facilitating the process of sustainable development. However, a lack of understanding and knowledge on environmental emergencies has, until now, hindered the discussion on how to best mitigate or manage the risks of such emergencies. With increasing prevalence of environmental emergencies, the issue of disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery for these types of emergencies has now become an imperative for the international community.

This side event aims at to highlight environmental emergencies as one of priorities in disaster risk reduction, and to encourage more effort to address the environmental aspects of the implementation of the Hyogo  Framework for Action and its success. The event will also demonstrate how adequate national and local preparedness mechanisms can contribute to a continuous sustainable development process, particularly in least  developed countries.

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