Moving away from plastic water bottles with Sigg

SIGG, a Swiss bottles manufacturing company, has supported the Water for Life and Peace programme in many ways, whereas by editing aluminum bottles branded to Pureology’s colors and logo, or by editing a full fledged advocacy bottle calling for the ratification and implementation of the UN Watercourses Convention. The proceeds of the sales of bottles in Pureology salons supported Smart Water for Green Schools projects in Ghana, and the advocacy bottles were given as gifts to country representatives.We thank SIGG for adopting our causes and for being so committed to our activities.

The price of one-time use plastic bottles is both environmental and financial, with around an estimated $100 billion spent on bottled water around the world every year. Sigg’s carbon footprint analysis showed that filling your SIGG bottle more than 12 times is better for the environment than buying a disposable PET water bottle.

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