Green Cross and Local Governments for Sustainability

Green Cross continued to work jointly with ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) in recent years to encourage the ongoing pursuit of coordinated progress among local authorities around the world.

In late 2014, Green Cross organized a workshop as part of the China-Europe Forum to discuss similarities and differences between China and Europe on how water related challenges are addressed, and to find ways of limiting its impact on climate change. Delegations of experts and practitioners from China and Europe, representing various prestigious organizations, met in Geneva to discuss solutions to water and climate change challenges and how this will impact the rapid urbanisation in these regions.

Participants visited the Geneva water filtration facilities that provide cost effective natural filtration methods to help replenish underground water reserves and supply the needs of the Geneva basin that also covers neighboring France – a good example of trans-boundary cooperation over shared-water resources.

Green Cross Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev provided an opening statement for the 2015 ICLEI World Congress, in which he emphasised that local governments are becoming natural partners for civil society as both understand the need for a truly holistic approach to promoting sustainable and inclusive prosperity, on the basis of decoupling economic development from the use of increasingly precious energy and materials.

Ecological transition and circular economy

Green Cross prefaced and contributed to the “And So?“ report – a publication on the economic and societal issues linked to the progressive adoption of the basic principles of a circular economy by 50 per cent of European businesses. This report was officially launched with the help of Romain Ferrari of Fondation 2019, François-Michel Lambert of the Institute of the Circular Economy, and Corinne Lepage.